Easy Art Deco Windows

Art deco stained glass window film from Purlfrost

Art deco stained glass window film from Purlfrost

If you want to give your front a door an art deco feel but can’t afford to replace the glass then these stained glass window films may be just what you’re looking for. Read More »

Decorative Fair with AntikBar

Pullman for Winter Comfort

1930s Original Poster, Pullman for Winter Comfort, from AntikBar

The Decorative Fair is gearing up for its winter show in January and this year AntikBar is theming its stand around Chalet Chic. Read More »

The Empire Christmas Pudding

'Making the Empire Christmas pudding', artwork by F C Harrison produced for the Empire Marketing Board

‘Making the Empire Christmas pudding’, artwork by F C Harrison from the National Archives.

Those of you outside of the UK maybe unfamiliar with Christmas Pudding, but in the late 1920s The Empire Marketing Board (EMB) used it to promote buying goods from countries within the British Empire. Read More »

The Modern Girls of Art Deco Japan

Songbook for “Song of the Milky Way” from the Shōchiku film Milky Way, 1931

Songbook for “Song of the Milky Way” from the Shōchiku film Milky Way, 1931. Courtesy of The Levenson Collection.

A new art deco exhibition that examines how the movement shaped Japan opens this month in Seattle. Featuring 200 or so objects taken from The Levenson Collection, the show illustrates how the international language of art deco united sophisticated Japanese traditional craftsmanship with modernist innovations. Read More »

Little Touches, Big Impact: 1930s Bookcase

art deco bookcase

French art deco bookcase circa 1930

The art deco era was known for its use of natural materials such as wood and marble to compliment areas of intense colouring such as tiles or paint, so I’m guessing this bookcase table would have fitted perfectly in a 1930s salon. Read More »

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British Celanese advertisment for fabric in 1928

Cancelled government contracts after WW1 inspired a new fashion fabric.

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