Decorative Fair with AntikBar

Pullman for Winter Comfort

1930s Original Poster, Pullman for Winter Comfort, from AntikBar

The Decorative Fair is gearing up for its winter show in January and this year AntikBar is theming its stand around Chalet Chic.

The London based company that specialises in original vintage posters says that skiing posters, originally produced to entice holiday-makers and winter thrill-seekers to resorts and alpine areas, now make for a good investment.

“The early- to mid-century skiing posters were often designed by notable artists of the time and are colourful, dynamic, glamorous, nostalgic and stylish, sometimes also fun and quirky,” says Kirill Kalinin, Founder of AntikBar. “The ones that survived are ideal for decorating chalets and “back home” as a stunning reminder of a memorable ski trip.”

But you’ll notice that I’m ignoring their advice and have decided to use another vintage original poster for this post, also available from AntikBar. Pullman for Winter Comfort is an art deco advertising poster designed by William Welsh. It might be missing its text at the bottom, but I still think it’s a great winter image.

The Decorative Fair, featuring AntikBar’s Chalet Chic as its foyer theme, is at The Evolution Marquee, Battersea Park from the 20th to 25th January 2015.

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