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The Modern Girls of Art Deco Japan

A new art deco exhibition that examines how the movement shaped Japan opens this month in Seattle. Featuring 200 or so objects taken from The Levenson Collection, the show illustrates how the international language of art deco united sophisticated Japanese traditional craftsmanship with modernist innovations.

When Art Deco Seduced the World

Poster for When Art Deco Seduced the World

A new temporary exhibition opens today at the Cité de l’architecture and du patrimoine in Paris called 1925, Quand l’Art Déco Séduit le Monde (When Art Deco Seduced the World). Running until mid-February the exhibition examines what lies behind Art Deco’s international success and its influence in the various forms of artistic expression.

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British Celanese advertisment for fabric in 1928

Cancelled government contracts after WW1 inspired a new fashion fabric.

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