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Decorative Fair with AntikBar

Pullman for Winter Comfort

The Decorative Fair is gearing up for its winter show in January and this year AntikBar is theming its stand around Chalet Chic.

1924 Winter Olympics – Medals, Posters and Bobsleighs

1924 Winter Olympics poster by Matisse

This month, 90 years ago, saw the start of the first Winter Olympics. It’s also the first time you really see an art deco influence in the posters and medals. The main poster from the previous 1920 Olympics in Antwerp was more of a belle époque style, which had lost popularity by the first world war. Although it’s not […]

Spaghetti Junction Captured in Modernist Poster

Spaghetti Junction art deco style poster

Despite the fact that Gravelly Hill Interchange was not built until several decades after the end of the art deco era, I love this poster of Spaghetti Junction by Manchester based design studio Dorothy, illustrated by Stephen Millership.

Collection of Russian Avant Garde Posters for Sale

Russian avant garde poster - The General

A unique collection of Russian avant garde posters has been put up for sale. Featuring mainly film posters advertising many silent Hollywood movies such as The General with Buster Keaton, the collection includes artwork by some of the famous constructivist designers during the 1920s.

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British Celanese advertisment for fabric in 1928

Cancelled government contracts after WW1 inspired a new fashion fabric.

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